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a nail polish advent calendar!

I just saw this on Keep! How amazing is this? I must have it!


Buy it at Sephora

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5 summer nail trends

I almost forgot this was a nail blog! Ha… it’s been a while! Well apparently its summer now and even though I haven’t been posting my weekly manicures, I thought I would update everyone on what trends to look out for and try this summer!

1. mint

Mynt LVX

Try: Mynt by LVX

2. neon pastel

Full Steam Ahead Essie

Try: Full Steam Ahead by Essie

3. tangerine

little miss sunshine

Try: Little Miss Sunshine by Color Secrets Pro

4. white/ cream

kate julep

Try: Kate by Julep

5. textured

solitare opiTry: Solitare by OPI from the Liquid Sand Collection

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happy v-day. we love you.

happy vday

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by | February 14, 2013 · 12:41 PM

r’s fave 5 love stories in movies

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! These are my favorite love stories. Snuggle up this week with your loved one or some froyo and get reallllll lovey.

5. Zombieland

This probably seems like a weird pick but the chemistry between Witchita and Colombus is too adorbs. Their kiss at the end is epic!

4.The Notebook

I don’t think I have to explain this one.

3. The Vow

A lot of people are really not into this movie. Although there is such a heartbreaking event that shapes this love story, my favorite part of it is that they fall in love twice! Paige gets into an accident and suffers permanent memory loss. She forgets her entire life with Leo (hi Channing) and its devastating to watch. While this flick gets kind of depressing it just warms my heart that they are true soulmates–she goes back to her life before Leo yet she still makes the same choices her second time around. They fall in love all over again… and its based on a true story! Aweee!

2.Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze, my heart. When Swayze passed away I think I watched DD every day for a week. This has always been one of my favorite all time movies. The forbidden relationship, Swayze’s back muscles, Jennifer Grey’s natural awkwardness. AND the ending dance scene.


1. When Harry Met Sally

The original friendship on fire love story. Harry and Sally are just two friends in NYC who are trying to get by- marriages, relationships, divorces, etc. They keep each other sane by being the best of friends and always being there for each other. They ended up being friends for years upon years until they realize they are in love with each other.

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ed sheeran ~ kiss me

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