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tutorial ~ fishtail braid

inspired by all of this Hunger Games hype… Katniss chic!

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hungry for the hunger games

I am a huge, huge, HUGE Hunger Games fan! I think I read all 3 books within 2 days.  Which means, of course, that I am going to see the movie at midnight tonight! I am not going to dress up as my favorite character (which would be Peeta, 100%) but I will probably be rocking a Katniss-inspired side braid and wishing I had a mockingjay pin I could wear.  I absolutely cannot wait to see Katniss’s makeover scene, all of her scenes with Cinna, and also the scene where they are first thrust into the arena. Are there any scenes that you are particularly pumped for? Please share in the comments!

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miley goes ab fab for the hunger games premiere

miley goes ab fab for the hunger games premiere



To see more Hunger Games Premiere fashion, check out Seventeen Magazine Website

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