Such a cute outfit and awesome photos on her cruise!


Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? Just got back from our cruise vacay and had the BEST time w/ my family. We are jet setting again this weekend, this time to NYC for more family affairs. Traveling is so not good for Zoey’s routine!

While at sea we did a few photo/video sessions for my newly engaged sis. They came out soo awesome and can’t wait to share a sneak peak! 

Anyhow, I don’t usually wear leopard (except for shoes + accessories) but while at sea I felt a little adventurous so I donned a leopard jacket and I must admit, it MADE the outfit. 

Nowadays, I’m All about gold accessories. 

Zoey is getting sooo BIG and her red ensemble accents mommy’s outfit perfectly. 

Perfect view- nature, calmness, + vast blue ocean. 

Have you worn leopard, if not, would you dare?!

Images taken by the husband. Isn’t he so talented?! Hope you…

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