prom glee-cap

Rachel’s dress was my favorite! I love the mermaid shape and the fabric looks so heavenly and beautiful. The color suited Lea as well.

Naya looks perfect in red. She shouldn’t wear any other color, ever. The bottom of this dress is sort of rufflely and she looks like a fabulous Selena.

Dianna was a vision in the purple dress. I couldn’t find a picture of her standing up in this but the color was so pretty on her!

I like this color on Amber, but the style is not my favorite… it looks too typical poofy, sparkly prom dress.

Brittany was in the running for Prom King (ok, Ryan Murphy, we get it…) so she wore this eclectic blazer-tophat-tutu ensemble. I guess Kurt wore a skirt to Prom last year so Brittany can wear a suit to Prom this year. I do like the color of the skirt, it would be a nice dress for Heather.

Does Tina ever wear anything but black? I know, I know she does but still. Jenna is beautiful and I think Tina’s character brings her down a bit. Meh.

Whose dress was your favorite?

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