oil pulling: r tries the trend

I decided to try the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling. My coworker sent me an article about it so I decided to take the plunge with her and try it out.

What is oil pulling, exactly? The idea of it is to put a tablespoon of natural oil in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes. Then, you spit it and all the toxins and bacteria it collected out (into the garbage). There are claims that it can rid you of bad breath, whiten your teeth and can even make your skin better! Since I have been prone to breakouts lately, I decided to give it a whirl.

I headed to Whole Foods on my lunch break to pick up some unrefined coconut oil. They were almost all sold out! I got one of the last jars and my coworker had to get a different brand. I guess oil pulling was becoming popular in SchaumVegas!


Day 1:

I didn’t brush my teeth before I pulled because I wanted to see what it would do to my morning breath. I really like the taste of the coconut oil! It is a little bit of a weird sensation and after about 12 minutes it just feels like you are swishing around a lot of spit in your mouth. I made it through the full 20 minutes and was proud of myself! It helped that I really distracted myself during the full 20 minutes- I dried my hair, checked my email, and started putting on my makeup. I think if I was just laying there thinking about it I wouldn’t have made it through the full 20. Post pull, my teeth feel very smooth and I still have a hint of coconut on my breath. Best of all, my morning breath is completely gone! And it may be my imagination (it is) but my teeth look whiter!

Day 2:

I won’t lie I was really excited to oil pull today. For some reason I was really looking forward to it! When I got home last night I looked at my coconut oil and it was completely liquid (I bought the solid version) because my apartment is a sauna. So I put it in the fridge. Then, this morning, the oil was completely solid and I had to chip it out with a spoon. Anyway, the 20 minutes flew by again but today it really just felt like spit the entire time (after the chunks liquefied). I notice the coconut aftertaste less today, which is good because I think I would have gotten tired of it after a while. I also woke up with noticeably less offensive morning breath, which is great!

Day 3:

Still going well!


Oil pulling selfie. Had to. Oops.

Day 6:

I have almost completed a week of oil pulling and it doesn’t seem like my skin is getting better :( However, I read a few articles that say that sometimes skin gets worse before it gets better, so let’s hope that is the case. I also have a bit of a cold so pulling with a stuffy nose is a little difficult. I still powered through two almost-sneezes and did the full 20 minutes.

Day 7:

I was a little hungover today from a bit too much red wine. Was hoping that the oil pulling would help as I have read the coconut oil can be good for hangovers. Didn’t help very much. Oh well.

Day  10-15:

I am out of town and (obviously) didn’t carry on my jar of coconut oil with me. I sort of miss it :(

Day 16:

Oil pulling is legitimately a part of my morning routine. I missed it on my 5 day break and now it seems natural to do my makeup, blow dry my hair and start my day while swishing oil in my mouth.

Day 22 (today):

I noticed yesterday and this morning that my skin looks a LOT better. I used to have a lot of morning redness and that seems to have gone away. I love the taste of the coconut oil still, I have even started to slip it in my morning green smoothies.

Coconut Oil also has a TON of other uses. I love using it as moisturizer for my legs and elbows and even as lip balm. It is great for cooking and good for smoothies as well. Have you tried oil pulling or would you try it?

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red carpet ~ 2014 mtv movie awards

Last weekend at the MTV Movie Awards, celebs showed up wearing a ton of different trends. Which ones were your faves? These made us so excited for spring!


Shailene Woodley






Lupita Nyong’o


Rita Ora


Jessica Alba


Zac Efron ~ that shirt might be a liiiiittle tight…


Nicki Minaj


Ellie Goulding


Leslie Mann







Drake Bell (remember him?)



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the strokes ~ barely legal

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3 ways to wear it ~ floral shorts

It is supposed to be 70′s this weekend in Chicago! That means we are PUMPED to whip out some of our new spring purchases! Here are 3 ways to wear a floral short this spring:

spring fling

To work with a blazer and heels

To happy hour with stripes and baubles

To day drink with a denim shirt and sandals

Enjoy the weather folks! xo

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r heads to nyc

Just spent a fun and very tiring weekend in NYC. Did a lot of touristy things and had a great time! I checked out the MoMA, The Frick, Central Park, Chelsea Market, and the Highline. On Sunday, I headed out to Brooklyn and had an amazing brunch with my cousin. I even had a Bethenny Frankel sighting!

10249196_215447261999811_1753706456_n 8cdc2682bf0d11e3b74d0002c9d6730e_8 10171911_3086238311967_4622954110886169704_n 1385317_3087621746552_2515717457481140841_n 1557486_3087620826529_8003241646876424552_n 1959451_3087617786453_7512112506565092771_n10154383_3087560425019_1891824830648958078_n 1922277_3087560305016_3196461847999056413_n 1501732_3087560705026_4888689502948992079_n 10152592_3087560065010_2924528485459348559_n 1003611_3087622586573_1483479695541254023_n 1979669_3087623066585_3016031008427626211_n 10250261_3087558384968_7929025688526708750_nIMG_12091477604_3087619506496_6176115335978496812_nIMG_1885 IMG_8071 IMG_9311

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