hard rock hotel ~ lollapalooza weekend

I think J is still recovering from Lolla this year. R ended up going to the Hard Rock Hotel Lolla party thrown by BMF Media.

Lots of great aftershows- DJ Momjeans, Lykke Li, Betty Who and Delta Rae were my favorite!

We also got our hair braided thanks to the Red 7 Salon who was there! 


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betty who ~ somebody loves you

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6 Pieces Of Jewelry Every Girl Has Owned: A Chronology

Thought Catalog

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1. Beaded karma bracelets

The ultimate stocking stuffer/ bestie gift in 5th grade. You had the red one for love, the white one for peace, and the blue one for never getting tagged in Marco Polo.

Fate: Many got displaced in various places around the elementary school yard, at least one you lost in a pokemon showdown, and your last two broke during math, sending fire colored dragon-eye beads all over the floor. Talk about humiliating, who said these were good luck?

2. Puka shell necklace

Bought in the Summer of 2005 from a Claire’s, obviously (or a gift shop on the jersey shore. You can’t quite remember). The thing is that this beachy beauty is not actually made of puka shells, but rather small rubber disks dyed pink and blue…because nothing says surfer chick quite like compound isoprene!

Fate: You had to retire if after its…

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What Your Manicure Really Says About You

Thought Catalog

When you’re meeting a guy, what do you look for first? Nice style? Toned arms? At least a full set of teeth?

And how about other women? We swear we don’t judge but we notice when a girl is nicely put together or if she looks a little rough around the edges.

The reality is your nails can say a lot about you. So before you grab your next bottle of polish, or head to the local salon, find out what your manicure is really saying about you.

Dark Colors

Dark colors are great for the work place. They portray professionalism and maturity. It says you are determined during the week, but still make time for a rock star lifestyle on your off time. Men tend to think girls with dark nails are edgy but it doesn’t take them long to realize you have a sensitive side too.

Reds and…

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summer party idea ~ sangria contest


Over the weekend, J & her roommates hosted a sangria competition. It was super fun & we’re pretty sure we want to turn this into an annual thing, maybe bi-annual, maybe once a month…

Anyway, call all the girls & have them each bring over a pitcher of sangria. Get very creative with the ingredients to make sure your pitcher stands out from the crowd!

J whipped up an amazing batch of pineapple mojito sangria. It was such a great recipe & will definitely be made again.

C & S made grapefruit sangria and spicy white jalepeno sangria.


To showcase all of these great recipes, we used corks & small pieces of paper. Simply cut a small dent into the top of a cork to create a standing nametag!


For snacks, we kept with the fruity sangria theme. Instead of making a big messy bowl of fruit salad, we put together some fruit skewers. Easy to eat & super cute.



We also had some cheese & crackers, chocolate covered almonds, and chocolate chip banana bread. Yum!

(serving tray by Cynthia Rowley)




To set up, place the pitchers around the room with their cork nametags.


Blue mason jar drink dispenser ~ World Market


After a while, we passed out cards for our guests to write down their vote for best sangria. It ended up being a tie between two of them! All of the recipes were just too good to have a clear winner.



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